The possibility of collaborative work of employees is a critical component of any organization. It can be used in project meetings, sales meetings, product development workshops etc. In addition to collaboration in enterprises, these systems allow you to organize medical consultations, training sessions or meetings of governmental bodies to develop measures of emergency aid to the population in crisis.

Organizations are increasingly using personal and group high-definition (HD) video conferencing systems, in addition to the more powerful telepresence and video conferencing systems because the true benefits are realized only with availability of such technologies. Our customers are offered a full range of solutions for working with high definition video, including full telepresence systems, systems for halls and offices, personal systems, integrated HD video conferencing and desktop PC systems.

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LifeSize LifeSize is a pioneer and world leader in high-definition video collaboration.
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Polycom Polycom is the worldwide leader in unified collaborative communications (UCC).
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