Jabra launches new business class headset series – Jabra Engage 


Jabra has announced a new Jabra Engage series of wireless headsets that set a new standard for call quality, security and the number of staff who can simultaneously use them all day such as call center agents, advisors, sales representatives or helpdesk staff. 

With customer satisfaction becoming a key KPI for such staff, the ability to solve complex problems over the phone can be essential to building a business relationship. But being packed into noisy, overcrowded offices can negatively effect on call quality, and it is also these problems that Jabra is now aiming to address.

The company say Jabra Engage is an entirely new class of DECT wireless professional headsets that have been designed following extensive research into the challenges facing call-centric businesses and aimed at providing industry-leading wireless performance.

With a range up to 150 meters, Engage also brings freedom for employees to move about their work environment without affecting call quality.


Each Engage headset also features an integrated busy light that acts as a ‘do-not-disturb’ sign, letting colleagues know that the user is on a call, thereby reducing interruptions.

In addition, the company claim that the advanced noise-cancelling microphones and enhanced speakers found in the range provide crystal-clear audio for perfect conversations with customers every time, no matter how busy the working environment.

Up to five external devices can be linked to the Engage 75 headsets, allowing items such as phones or laptops to be connected via Bluetooth, with up to two devices on the Engage 65 models - cutting down even more on the space needed to work productively.

Jabra also say the new Engage series also leads the market in call security, incorporating new features that make it one of the world’s most secure professional wireless headset options. This includes authentication and encryption functions, along with ‘physical assisted pairing’ which creates a secret link-key between the headset and docking base unit.

The series includes the Engage 65 and Engage 75, available in Mono, Convertible and Stereo variants. Read more. Try Jabra free testing program!


Jabra Engage Series – Engineered to give more power for your conversations (1:29)


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