Our Data Network solutions support your IT needs both now and in the future - fixed and chassis LAN switches, WLAN access points, applications, network security and management tools, advanced technologies for network evolution, IoT (internet of things) connectivity and network connectivity.


Alcatel-Lucent SOLUTIONS:

Switches     WLAN/ Wi-Fi     Network Management Platforms   


Alcatel-Lucent TECHNOLOGIES:


Omnitron Systems Solutions:

  • PoE products
  • Media Converters
  • Optical Multiplexers
  • Ethernet Network Interface Devices
  • Optical Transceivers
  • T1 Multiplexers
  • Ethernet Switches
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How Advenus Solutions can help with your data network projects

  • We have unique expertise in data network solutions and architecture
  • Assistance in specification document development for both data network and network management
  • Competitive pricing, deal registration 
  • Equipment testing before purchase
  • Product technical support in cooperation with the Alcatel-Lucent and Omnitron System vendors


Do you have a project that we can help with?

Apply for free consultation and our specialists will contact you to discuss the details.

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